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Specialized care for your fourth trimester and beyond.

What is postpartum doula care?

The role of a postpartum doula looks a little different for each family; it is a mosaic of care custom blended for each growing family's needs.

It often includes:

emotional processing, counseling, & support • newborn care tips & tricks • breastfeeding & lactation support • sleep support • self-care time for new parents • nutritious & medicinal meal prep • housekeeping & laundry • childcare for siblings • consulting on new family routines

rates & location
Newborn Baby

San Francisco & the East Bay including Oakland and Berkeley


a la carte hours: $60 per hour

Minimum of 3 hours

10 hour package: $570

20 hour package: $1000

Fresh Cooking
experience & training
Experience & Training

Ally has been caring for newborns and new families for over 15 years. She has completed labor & postpartum doula trainings with DONA & Maternitywise, and in her study of East Asian Medicine focused particularly on fertility, postpartum wellness, & family medicine. There are many practices to tend and nourish the new parents and family that are unique to Chinese Medicine. Her studies allow her to have a unique approach to postpartum care & ensuring that the family receives rest, care, and nourishment in a style and manner that has been passed down through generations.


The first step to work with Ally as a postpartum doula is to schedule a free 15 minute consult.

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