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Chinse Medicie

Medicines from the earth expertly blended for your unique constitution.

Why use herbal medicine?

From "miracle-drug" aspirin to Nobel Prize-winning anti-Malaria drugs, plants have long been a source for the development of modern pharmaceutical medicines.


Using East Asian Medicine, we can return to the source of these compounds. By incorporating traditional wisdom about their combination and synergies as well as thorough diagnosis of a person's particular constitution, we can take a more empowered, earth-based, holistic approach to our health and wellness.

Herbal Consults

The careful use of appropriate herbal medicines calls for a thorough diagnosis & design of a course of treatment. New patients can expect a virtual consult to include a full health history and the opportunity to explore their holistic health goals.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Herbal Medicine

Ally regularly incorporates Herbal Medicine prescriptions into her Acupuncture practice.


She is also available for remote telehealth appointments for California residents. To book a telehealth appointment on a Sunday, Tuesday, or Wednesday select the Berkeley location. For Monday, Thursday, or Friday, select the Marina location.

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