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New Patient Visit: $220

Returning Patient Visit: $120

Telehealth Herbal & Integrative Care

Initial Patient Consult: $120

Return Patient Consult: $60

Holistic Skincare

Acupuncture Facial: $220

Microneedling: $380

Add-on Neck: $20

Add-on Neck & Decollete: $40

Postpartum Care

3-5 hours: $60/hour

These reflect our Time of Service rates for services when patients choose to pay for treatment or care at the time of service instead of having our office bill their insurance. For more information about insurance billing, see the section below.


We're happy to provide patients with a Good Faith Estimate of total expected costs including acupuncture appointments & herbal or nutritional supplements for their diagnoses.



5 Return Patient visits: $570

Telehealth Herbal & Integrative Care

Monthly Consult, 1 year: $650

Holistic Skincare

Facial Acu, 5 sessions: $1020

Facial Acu, 10 sessions: $1980

Microneedling, 3 sessions: $1060

Combination Package:

3 Facial Acu & 1 microneedling: $970

Postpartum Care

10 hours: $570

20 hours: $1000

To ensure that we're the right fit for you, packages cannot be pre-purchased online; they must be purchased in-person or during a phone consultation. Talk to your practitioner during your appointment if you're interested in a package; packages can be applied on the day of purchase.


We are happy to check your insurance coverage for acupuncture services!

Ally is in-network with Landmark Healthcare and provides courtesy billing for many out-of-network insurance plans. If we have confirmed your coverage, we are happy to courtesy bill your insurance provider or provide you with a superbill so you can submit for reimbursement.


Acupuncture can be paid for with HSA/FSA cards.

Facial acupuncture, microneedling, & postpartum doula services are not covered by insurance. 


Verification of existing acupuncture benefits does not guarantee payment or coverage for our appointments. Patients are liable for any charges not paid by insurance.

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