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Integrative Medicine for a More Radiant You

At Glowing Gate Acupuncture, we’re here to help you create the family of your dreams, embrace the wisdom of your years while feeling and looking your best, and find balance to allow your inner and outer beauty to shine. With our expertise in East Asian & integrative medicine and a  focus on hormonal health, you can discover your glow and step into a brighter future.

Our experienced & compassionate team looks for and treats the root causes of hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, & digestive issues using the evidence-based and time-tested integrative care techniques. We work to address the root cause of your issue rather than chasing symptoms around your body.

We utilize acupuncture, herbal medicine, bodywork, cupping, gua sha, microneedling, nutritional support, and lifestyle coaching to support your wellbeing from the inside out.

Our care is judgment free and offered with love to all structures and kinds of “family”. We welcome fellow LGBTQIA+ community members in the treatment room.

We take a collaborative, trauma-informed approach and invite your self-advocacy and voice at every step of care.

Praise for Glowing Gate Acupuncture
Lush moss and flowers with dripping stream

Thank you for being here. May you find peace and ease on your path.

This work is offered in gratitude to all who have taught me, raised me, and created the deep seed of love that motivates my work in the world.

Thanks to my many teachers (formal and otherwise encountered.)

I acknowledge that my practice of traditional medicines from East Asia is a great privilege & am committed to wielding this privilege with great care and humility.

I acknowledge that my practice takes place on the ancestral homelands of the Ramaytush & Chochenyo Ohlone peoples, who are the original inhabitants of the San Francisco Peninsula. In an effort to contribute to the process of re-matriation and healing, I pay Shuumi Land Tax.


-Ally Magill, LAc.

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