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Restorative Yoga Meets the Acu-Nap

At one of our seasonal AcuYoga events, sink into the perfect blend of deep relaxation and holistic rejuvenation. These classes feature a restorative, Yin Yoga flow followed by a gentle acupuncture reset.


Immerse yourself in a gentle, meditative yoga practice that focuses on deep stretching and release alongside mindful breathing. Our experienced teachers will guide you through a series of poses designed to release tension, improve flexibility, and calm the nervous system. This slow-paced and well-supported yoga style allows you to connect deeply with your body, promoting inner peace and balance.

The wisdom of East Asian medicine will be shared throughout the practice alongside offerings of bodywork and acupressure. In the final resting pose, yogis will be offered a gentle, holistic acupuncture treatment to send you blissfully off into the rest of your day.

Meet Your Instructors

What Participants Are Saying

“This experience offered so much more than just yoga and acupuncture. Karah provided helpful hands-on  assists and ally offered a range of acupuncture techniques from tuning forks to needles, all accompanied by soothing music and insightful readings. An A+ event that I am eager to attend again soon!"
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